BitRaser For File

BitRaser For File 1.1

Software to clean PC’s hard drive

Permanently deletes volumes, files, folders, application, and system traces

Even after formatting, the data resides on your computer, which can be easily recovered using a data recovery software. Any sensitive data such as your bank account number, passwords, and ATM pins that you have stored, can be recovered and misused. Here, BitRaser for File comes to your aid by deleting your data completely through its powerful and advanced deletion algorithms.

• Permanently erases data without scope for recovery

• Erases using international standards of algorithm like DOD-3 Pass, 7 Pass, NIST, etc.

• Protects your privacy by removing unused spaces

• Deletes completely application and system traces

• Erases all internet activities from almost all web browsers like Chrome, IE, Microsoft Edge, etc.

• Erases Partition, Files, and Folders permanently

BitRaser For File


BitRaser For File 1.1

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